Florent Aziosmanoff

Founder of Living Art Lab

As a producer, author and theoretician Florent Aziosmanoff (b. 1957), has developed a unique expertise in the field of digital art using artificial intelligence, which he calls “Living Art”. He is the co-founder of ART3000 (1988) and Le Cube (2001), the first center for digital art in France where he serves as creative director and where he set up l’Atelier de Création. He also wrote works of fiction in the field of living art using autonomous robots Le Petit Chaperon Rouge  (2002) and Le jardin des amours (2011), fiction systems using autonomous robots; Le temps de l'amour, Living fiction (work in progress), Living Joconde and more recently started to explore the field of living art and jewelry (2015). He also is an auctioneer specialised in digital art, and the author of Living art, l’art numérique published by the CNRS in Paris (2010), Living art, fondations CNRS Paris 2015. He is the manager of Florent Aziosmanoff Production Company.