Gérard Assayag

Researcher, Head of the Musical Representations team at IRCAM-STMS

Gerard Assayag has been head of IRCAM Research Lab « Sciences and Technologies of Music and Sound » (until june 2017) and is head of IRCAM Music Representation Team, a team he has founded in 1992. 

His research interests are centered on music representation issues, including programming language, machine learning, constraint and visual programming, computational musicology, music modeling, and computer-assisted composition. He has designed with his collaborators OpenMusic and OMax, two world-class music research software environments which have gained international reputation and are used in many places  for computer assisted composition, analysis and improvisation.

Gérard Assayag is a founding member of AFIM (Association Francaise d'Informatique Musicale) and SMCM (Society for Mathematics and Computation in Music).  He serves in the Editorial Boards of Journal of Mathematics and of  the Journal of New Music Research (JNMR). He has organized or co-organised the Forum Diderot, Mathematique et Musique for the European Mathematical Society in 1999  as well as several international computer music conferences, including the Sound and Music Computing 2004 conference, the 3rd  Mathematics and Computation in Music conference in 2011 and the Improtech Paris - New York 2012 and ImproTech Paris-Philadelphia 2017 conference on Improvisation an new technologies, the Mathemusical Conversation Intl Workshop in Singapour in 2015.

Gerard Assayag has been co-editor of several journal special issues on music science such as JNMR or Soft Computing, and of books including Mathematic and Music (Springer-Verlag 1999),  The OM Composer's Book I, II & III (Delatour 2006-2016), NewComputational Paradigms for Computer Music (Delatour 2009), Constraint Programming in Music (Wiley 2012), Mathemusical Conversations (World Scientific 2016).