Jean-François Peyret


The distinctiveness of Jean-François Peyret (b. 1945) can be found in his work with literary, philosophical, or scientific texts while imagining a “theater of the scientific era” (Brecht). On stage, he offers variations on the theme of the technological destiny of humankind, reflections/daydreams on the living and the artificial, of the body and the machine. In the 1980s, he worked as a translator, essayist, and director with Jean Jourdheuil, creating shows on Montaigne, Shakespeare, L’Arétin, Lucrèce, and Müller together. In 1995, he founded his company tf2, “exposing” his theater to science and creating a performance with the biologist Alain Prochiantz on issues surrounding artificial intelligence (performances on Alan Turing).