Jean-Louis Giavitto

Director of Research at the CNRS, Deputy Director of the UMR IRCAM-STMS

My work focuses on the development of new programming paradigm based on temporal and spatial relationships. In my previous life, I applied these researches to the modelling and the simulation of biological systems, especially in the field of morphogenesis, at the University of Evry and at Genopole, where I co-founded the IBISC laboratory (Informatics, Integrative Biology and Complex Systems).

Since my arrival at IRCAM (January 2011), my work has focused on the representation and manipulation of musical objects, for musical analysis, composition and performance on stage. I am especially interested in the specification of real-time interactions involving fine temporal relationships during performances, in the context of the Antescofo system used for the production of mixed music pieces at IRCAM and elsewhere in the world. This technology benefits everyone today, thanks to the creation of a spinoff. I participated with Arshia Cont in the creation of the INRIA MuTAnt project-team within the RepMus team and I am also deputy director of the joint research lab Ircam-CNRS-Sorbonne University.