John Frazer

Professor in Design and Architecture, Universities of Ulster and Hong Kong

Professor John Frazer (b. 1945) has led the field of intelligent computer aided design since the 60s, was the originator of Generative Design and the inventor of the Evolutionary Digital Design Process. He created the field of Tangible Interfaces and developed the world’s first microcomputer based CAD programs. He held faculty posts at Cambridge University and the Architectural Association before being head of three design schools at Ulster, Hong Kong, and Queensland. Professorships include a personal chair at Ulster and Swire Chair Professor in Hong Kong. His extensively published research embraces the domains of intelligent and interactive design, sustainable design and computer generated and evolved design. His book An Evolutionary Architecture is the seminal work in the field. Design awards range from software to biomedical products, the ACADIA education award, and the American Society for Cybernetics Warren McCulloch award for a lifetime contribution to Architecture and Design Education.