Two expositions in the framework of "Mutations/Créations" at the Centre Pompidou.

“Mutations/Créations” examines connections among the arts, science, engineering, and innovation. This second edition highlights digital code, taking a look back at its history and the ways in which artists have used it since the introduction of the computer in the 1960s. At the crossroads of several disciplines, "Mutations/Créations 2" calls upon music, architecture, design, speech. In addition to the Forum Vertigo and the concerts and performance presented during ManiFeste, the program includes two exhibitions: “Coder le monde” and “Ryoji Ikeda”

Digital code and the practices of scriptage are a part of our daily lives today and largely represented; historical sources for the origins of calculation and numeration that presided over a generalization of the use of algorithms with the advent of the computer, form the basis of a definition of computation in the 1960s. Looking back on over fifty years of history, “Coder le monde” weaves together connections among the arts, highlights common points connected to the development of digital technologies,  the evolution of programming languages, and the expansion of networks. The exposition shows an aesthetic universe and common criticism that questions our daily lives fully irrigated by digital logics.

The Centre Pompidou also invites the sonic and visual artist Ryoji Ikeda to present two new installations. The two pieces create a “continuum” organized in a black space and a white space, offering the visitor an immersive experience, disturbing visually and sonically, without a beginning or an end.