Interpretation Workshop: Electroacoustic Music

This workshop features intensive hands-on classes on performing electroacoustic music, sound diffusion, and controlling electronics. Intended for sound engineers and computer music designers who wish to acquire professional experience in preparing the musical and logistical aspects of electroacoustic concerts and rehearsals.

The 2-week long workshop on electroacoustic music, taught by IRCAM professors, features classes in a Mac-equipped room, hands-on exercises in the studio, rehearsals with musicians for a mixed music concert during which each student is responsible for the performance of the electroacoustic elements of a work on the program. This concert is the final result of the collaborative “Mixed Music Program” implemented by the Pôle Sup’93 and IRCAM. This program is designed for young performers who want to learn to perform their instruments with electronics. These young musicians from the Pôle Sup’93 will work alongside workshop students.

The two weeks will be organized in several steps:

  • Classes in a computer room and workshops in studio (analysis of musical writing in connection with electronics, set up of materials necessary for concerts)
  • Rehearsals (testing different pieces of music, following and observation of the musicians)
  • Mixed-music concert performed by the students from the Pôle Sup ‘93; students from the workshop are responsible for the electroacoustic parts of the works on the program

Stagiaires réalisation en informatique musicale: Morten Elkjær (Denmark), Mako Gviniashvili (Georgia), Bálint Laczkó (Hungary), Xu Tong Lee (United States), Nahuel Eduardo Litwin (Argentina), Brian Sears (United States).

Etudiants musiciens du Pôle Sup'93: Maria Hryshchenko, soprano (Ukraine), Wakuko Ide, piano (Japan), Flavien Lafaille, piano (France), Lise Mariage, bass clarinet (France), Diane Poitrenaud, clarinet (France), Maéva Rabassa, harp (France).

Concert: Electroacoustic Music Interpretation Workshop
Saturday, June 30, 3:00pm
Centre Pompidou, petite salle

Ensemble ULYSSES

Inspired by the grand tours of classical musicians travelling through Europe and the goals of training and enriching the practices of young musicians, the ULYSSES Network brings together 13 European institutions for the promotion and professionalization of young composers. With the ULYSSES Ensemble, the ULYSSES Network reached a new peak last year, concentrating its efforts on young performers in the domain of new music. The ULYSSES Ensemble will tour from April through September, 2018, visiting several European academies (IDEA–International Divertimento Ensemble Academy, Royaumont Foundation, ManiFeste, Gaudeamus, IEMA).

Selected Musicians: Chloë Abbott, trumpet (United Kingdom), Ettore Biagi, clarinet (Italy), Angela Calvo Rios, oboe (Colombia), Lorenzo Colombo, percussion (Italy), Emmanuelle Fleurot, piano (France), Vincent Kappes, guitar (France), Apolline Kirklar, violin (France), Hannah Miller, horn (Ireland), Florestan Mosser, tuba (France), Jacques Murat, contra bass trombone (France), Alfonso Noriega, viola (Spain), Andres Pacheco, trombone (Spain), Jerry Piipponen, percussion (Finland), Andrew Power, cello (United Kingdom), Gwendolyn Reed, double bass (United Kingdom), Mishi Stern, violin (Australia), Alice Szymanski, flute (France), Melinda Urh, saxophone (Slovenia), Alba María Yago Mora, bassoon (Spain).

Stockhausen 1
Concert de l'atelier de composition et de la master class d'interprétation pour orchestre
Saturday, June 23, 8:30pm

Saturday, June 30, 9:00pm

With the support of the ULYSSES Network, supported by the European Union’s Creative Europe program.