Rebecca Saunders


Rebecca Saunders (b. 1967) studied composition at the Universtiy of Edinburgh with N. Osborne, and then with W. Rihm in Germany. One of her primary compositional preoccupations is the study of the sculptural properties of structured sound. chroma explores 19 declinations of a collage that can be expanded to 24 groups of chamber musicians and sound sources in different architectural spaces. Insideout est is a 90-minute collage intended for a choreographic installation, fruit of an initial collaboration with S. Waltz. Her most ambitious spatial work, Stasis, features 23 modules of 16 soloists, each one treated as the protagonist of an abstract form of instrumental theater. She also works with musicians such as M. Blaauw, N. Hodges, T. Anzellotti, and S. Ballon to develop a series of solos.