Thierry De Mey


Composer, gesture “musicalisator”, producer of films on dance, creator of choreographic multimedia installations, Thierry De Mey’s (b. 1965) work is guided by an exceptional fascination for movement. Cofounder of the ensembles Maximalist! and Ictus, and now artist associated with Charleroi Danses, he works with several choreographers: A.T. De Keersmaeker, M.A. De Mey, W. Vandekeybus, W. Forsythe, B. Wilson… His productions contribute to the recognition of films on dance as an autonomous form.

Movement holds a central role in his work. He developed the concept of the “Music of Gestures”. New technologies are at the heart of his creative process alongside what he calls “présentiels”, demanding the physical presence of the performer.

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