In Vivo

In Vivo Théâtre

ManiFeste, in particular the academy, is a moment of privileged encounters among different protagonists in the world of live performance. This year, the focus is on theater with a project led by one of the major players in French theater today: Daniel Jeanneteau. For this special project, young composers are introduced to the artistic and educational teams a few months prior to the workshop in June to begin preparations.

The director Daniel Jeanneteau offers 2 young composers the opportunity to create a collective performance working on a sonic scenography for the Iliad, materializing the poem’s extreme violence. This sonic stage design, purely electronic, is nourished by contributions from the 2 young composers using IRCAM software to transform and spatialize the sound.

Selected Composers: Chia Hui Chen (China), Stanislav Makovsky (Russia).

In Vivo Théâtre
June 19-23
T2G - Théâtre de Gennevilliers, plateaux 1 et 2

In Vivo Danse - CAMPING

Heiner Goebbels leads a large-scale workshop for young dancer-choreographers and improv musicians that will occupy the nave of the CENTQUATRE-PARIS for 8 days. Everything gravitates around the past, the present, and the future of a concept, Europe, of a culture incarnated by sounds, by images and actions, by allegories, by suspended objects. Deconstruction and reconstruction of an exhausted idea and a completed century—the 20th—which opened with the First World War.

Selected Musicians: Juliette Adam, clarinets, dukduk (France), Julien Desailly, Irish bagpipes (France), Camille Emaille (percussions), Nikola Kerkez, accordion (Serbia), Heni Hyunjung Kim, clarinets (South Korea), Cécile Lartigau, ondes Martenot (France), Léo Maurel, orguanous (France), Nicolas Perrin, electric guitar (France), Marko Sevarlic, accordion (Serbia), Maï Toyama, saxophones, tubax (Japan).

C'le chantier
Tuesday, June 26, 6:30pm