The composition workshops let young composers work on specific themes defined by the guest composers. Throughout the work sessions and rehearsals with artists and performers, young composers can take advantage of the experience and advice of guest composers to write and finalize a new work.

Reading Sessions for Full Orchestra

The ManiFeste academy continues its partnership with the Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France, partner since the academy’s inception in 2012. Every year, the selected composers are able to take advantage of personalized advice from the teacher/composer, Franck Bedrossian, and the conductor Peter Rundel before—and during—work sessions with the musicians. In addition, the young composers selected to participate in this workshop will be able to hear their sketches for full orchestra performed during a concert open to the public.

Eight young composers are invited to write a short sketch for orchestra using non-traditional orchestral writing, seeking new concepts of orchestration. After a work session with the composer Franck Bedrossian, these sketches will be read for 5 minutes each by the Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France and the young musicians from the ULYSSES Ensemble.

Selected Composers: Utku Asuroglu (Turkey)*, LanQing Ding (China), Sina Fallahzadeh (Iran), Cameron Graham (United Kingdom), Diego Jiménez Tamale (Spain), Jinwook Jung (South Korea), David Clay Mettens (United States*, Clara Olivares (France/Spain).
* as part of the "ULYSSES journeys 2018" program

Stockhausen 1
Concert de l'atelier de composition et de la master class d'interprétation pour orchestre
Saturday, June 23, 8:30pm

Atelier de composition pour ensemble dirigé et musique de chambre

This year, IRCAM would like a large number of young composers to take part in the exceptional environment offered by the ManiFeste academy in June (internationally renowned composers, exceptional musicians, scientists specialized in musical domains, etc.). The first year, students will follow individual and group classes, encounters, discussions, and work on compositional sketches.

The workshops will be led primarily by the composers Marko Nikodijevic and Stefano Gervasoni. Three other guest composers will also be present to provide feedback to students: Georges Aperghis (machine/human relations), Thierry De Mey (motion capture and notation), and Rebecca Saunders.

Certain composers will be selected at the end of the first year to return the following summer with their sketch finalized to be performed by the Ensemble intercontemporain.

In 2018, the Ensemble intercontemporain and IRCAM offer 40 young composers to follow a two-week program of classes in composition, on instruments with musicians from the Ensemble intercontemporain, and conferences on innovation by IRCAM scientists and computer music designers. The academy also features one-on-one meetings with composers and work sessions on their scores with musicians. Composers chosen to take part in the workshop for conducted ensemble will work closely with the conductor Julien Leroy.

At the end of this two-week session, approximately 20 young composers will be selected to complete their score. The works will be rehearsed and performed in concert during the ManiFeste-2019 academy (Monday, June 24 – Saturday, June 29, 2019).

Directed Ensemble Composers: Chin Ting Chan (China), Imsu Choi (South Korea), Jaehyuck Choi (South Korea), Francesco Ciurlo (Italy), Desmond Clarke (United Kingdom), Mattia Clera (Italy), Simone Corti (Italy)*, Dariush Derakhshani (Germany), Miles Friday (United States), Pierce Gradone (United States), Andrew Harlan (United States), Matthias Krüger (Germany), Maja Linderoth (Sweden)*, Leonardo Marino (Italy), Jug Marković (Serbia), Marko Markuš (Croatia), Ali Can Puskulcu (United States), Benjamin Scheurer (Germany), Francisco Uberto (Argentina), Erika Vega (Mexico).
* as part of the "ULYSSES journeys 2018" program

Chamber Music Composers: Damien Bonnec (France), Federico Camara Halac (Argentina), Ryan Carraher (United States), Lior Eytan (Israel), Pedro González Fernández (Spain), Gerardo Gozzi (Italy)*, Matteo Gualandi (Italy), Joshua Hey (United States), Edwin Hillier (United States), Kevin Kay (United States), Bin Li (United States), Nicholas Morris Rarity (United States), Theocharis Papatrechas (Greece), Shih Ya Peng (Taïwan), Anders Torgunrud Røshol (Norway), Nicolas Roulive (Belgium), Michael Seltenreich (Israel), Lukas Tobiassen (Germany), Jacob Walls (United States), Jon Yu (United States).
* as part of the "ULYSSES journeys 2018" program

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